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At L'ART by Dr M, we pride ourselves in maintaining objectivity when assessing a patient, creating a personalised treatment plan that considers your skin and face at that exact point in time. We treat each appointment with you as though we are seeing you for the very first time, even if you have undergone treatment with us in the past.

We are very mindful of metamorphosis, the tendency of the patient to dramatically change their face over time. This is why we are meticulous with our work and will never over-inject your face. We believe that less is more when it comes to achieving natural results facial aesthetics. You do not want anyone to know that you have had work done, simply that you look fresh faced & well rested.

With all injectable treatments, the product is just as important as the one who administers it. To maintain natural results, the clinician must have a clear understanding of the process of facial ageing and facial anatomy.

With dermal filler for example, injections are only placed where the patient has lost volume, often in a deep plane on the face to avoid being visible or palpable. This allows you to move naturally, smile, and animate without appearing overfilled.


To embark on the path towards a more youthful appearance and enhanced well-being, all it takes is a small first step - scheduling an initial consultation.

From the moment you get in touch we will be here to guide you every step of the way. With our nurturing, empathetic & sincere approach to facial aesthetics, our patient relationships are built on trust and shared values, something we believe is paramount when choosing an aesthetic practitioner.

Your initial consultation with Dr M focuses on YOUR concerns. This is your opportunity to tell us about what makes you, you, and what factors you think may be affecting your sense of wellbeing. We want to know everything, from how you feel in the morning when you look in the mirror, to how those feelings impact your daily life.

Patients often tell us that this first part of their journey is not only cathartic and revealing but also most informative and educational, providing the very foundation of their personalised treatment program.

From here, we will look at why you feel the way you do & begin to plan our approach to your treatment, drawing from the wide range of Aesthetic Rejuvenation Techniques in our armoury. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to natural looking facial aesthetics.

Here at L'ART we know that a holistic, individualised approach is far more effective in maintaining the very essence of you.

"We encourage you to bring in a photo of your younger self so we can remain true to you throughout your treatment journey with us."


Here at L'ART, the focus of our craft centres around treating the way light reflects from our skin. A youthful face has more convexities or curves, which reflect light very differently to a concave, hollow surface. When we age, we lose volume and the presence of small hills and valleys in areas of your face may become more noticeable.

These create shadows particularly around the eyes, cheeks, corners of the mouth, nasal & jowl areas, giving the appearance of looking tired, sad, or even angry. It is when we re-volumize the skin that light is reflected from the face very differently, creating a more youthful, more refreshed, and less tired look.

The art of sculpting a more youthful but natural looking you lies in knowing which specific dermal filler to use, how much to use and where to place the HA filler.

This is precisely what we specialise in at Aesthetic Rejuvenation Techniques by Dr M.

Creating facial harmony and beautification without the need for surgery.