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L'ART is proud to offer bespoke skin treatments from award winning facialist and skincare expert Amba Logan. With over three decades in the beauty industry, Amba is best known for creating bespoke facials that are a perfect blend of clinically backed skincare, science led results and wellbeing, whilst always incorporating her signature sculpting and lifting massage. Every experience begins with an exploration into your skin.

Amba will then draw from her pallet to create a bespoke facial taking into consideration your skin health, needs & lifestyle on that day. For guests who wish to elevate their skin health journey further, a collaborative treatment plan can be devised between Amba & Dr M in order to maximise results.

"As an independent skin health expert, award winning facialist & make-up artist, I specialise in delivering results led treatments with a natural looking aesthetic."


All experiences encompass a blend of elements from The Pallet.

The Impressionist comes with the addition of Nanosoft Mesotherapy.

The Masterpiece comes with the addition of Microneedling.


Amba's signature sculpting massage is a blend of techniques designed to deliver noticeable results and promote overall well-being.

Blending lymphatic drainage, deep tissue massage and the use of Gua Sha & cupping.


Buccal facial massage is a specialised massage technique targeting the muscles of the cheeks and jawline, used to release tension in the facial muscles and reduce jaw clenching, whilst helping to lift and tone the cheeks and soften jowls.


A personalised approach to peels, designed to deliver effective and targeted results compared to a one size fits all.

Tailored to the individual skin type and issues such as acne/scarring, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and uneven texture.


Using ultrasonic waves to clean and exfoliate the skin, gently removing impurities.


Nappage mesotherapy is a natural and safe non-surgical treatment of micro injections delivering medical grade serums including growth factors, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, often known as the red-carpet facial, to achieve instant hydration and radiance.


A non-invasive oxygenating skin treatment using low level current to treat and prevent breakouts, rejuvenate skin, and promote collagen production whilst reducing inflammation.


Radio frequency skin treatment uses gentle RF energy to stimulate collagen production, skin tightening, and wrinkle reduction leading to an overall firmer and more youthful look.

Amba uses a targeted technique for a sculpted finish.


Utilising various wavelengths of LED light to target skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, inflammation, and redness. Stimulates collagen production and improves skin texture.

The Minimalist

"Minimalist by name not by nature"

An introduction into the work of L'ART where skincare transcends mere aesthetics & becomes an art form.

The Minimalist blends an exploration of your skin needs to deliver effective, long-lasting results.

Drawing elements from The Pallet.

Who: everyone - no down time. (Ideal for first visit, to start your skincare journey)

40 minutes // £220

The Portrait

"A symphony of elegance"

Drawing elements from The Pallet

The signature Amba x L'ART bespoke experience. An immersive fusion of art & beauty, designed to evoke a sense of well-being.

Serious skin care, L'ART technique lymph massage & a range of modalities to unfold your unique skincare journey.

Who - everyone, no down time.

60 mins // £295

The Impressionist

Nanosoft Mesotherapy (Eye, neck & lips)

Sculpting your canvas with a blend of bespoke cocktails, delivered by Nanosoft mesotherapy (painless micro-injections) that can be used as a targeted eye, lip and neck treatment, as well as for overall skin rejuvenation.

Who - walking down the aisle or treading the red carpet and everyone in-between who wants instant results with long term goals. Not suitable for active acne or inflamed skin. Downtime - 0-12 hours

75 minutes // £395

The Masterpiece

Exceed® Microneedling

We redefine beauty to an art form, with you, the masterpiece.

Not just a beauty treatment, a masterpiece, celebrating the essence of beautiful skin, naturally. An alternative to harsh treatments, collagen boosting micro needling targets fine lines, skin laxity, scarring, pigmentation, minimises pores & overall skin rejuvenation.

Who - everyone except active acne, rosacea or impaired skin barriers. This treatment needs to follow one of the other experiences and is rarely performed on your first visit. Down time 12-48 hours.

90 mins // £495

*The world's first and only double FDA cleared device for acne scars and facial wrinkles.

Needling Treatments


Eye OR neck - 45 minutes £295

Eye, neck and lips - 60 minutes £320

Exeed Microneedling

60 minutes - £320