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Inspired by a love of art and culture, luxury, and refinement, L'ART provides a space where like-minded people can share their ideas and passions creating a sense of community whilst celebrating the individual.

Established by Dr Kuldeep Minocha, one of the world's most renowned practitioners in the field of aesthetic medicine, L'ART is perhaps the natural extension of a knowledge that has been sought after, the world over, for decades.

Dr M brings 23 years of clinical experience working in the NHS and as a GP to his 17-year aesthetic career. As global brand ambassador and key opinion leader for Galderma and Sinclair Pharma for over ten years he has been instrumental in the training and definition of best practice within the field of aesthetic medicine.

Dr M's vision of aesthetics centres around balance, harmony, congruity, and the reflection of light, resulting in radiant and rejuvenated skin. Instilling a renewed sense of self-confidence and self-esteem in patients are the motivations for his daily clinical practice.

With an inherent passion for the arts, design, lifestyle & luxury, our co-founder Lina El Baz lives and breathes these facets of her personality in every aspect of her life.

Lina has an MBA in International Business and has been an Executive within the automotive and oil and gas industries across Europe and Africa. She has led multi-million-pound projects implementing digital and financial services as well as recruiting innovative start-ups throughout the African Continent for one of the biggest oil companies in the world. Lina is a sustainability lead for the European market and plays a key role in energy transition with global brands.

The creation of L'ART as an innovative hybrid space partnering with artisans, artists, speakers, and thought leaders, where her vision of beauty meets science and art, brings into fruition her multi-potential personality.



Phoebe Gilder

L'ARTs Business Manager Phoebe boasts a stellar career that reflects her versatile expertise.

With a rich background in business operations, Phoebe has extensive experience managing luxury clients, ensuring top-tier service with meticulous attention to detail; a skill honed during her years as a Trackside Hospitality Manager in Formula One.

Her impressive four year tenure managing an aesthetics clinic on London's iconic Harley Street underscores her profound knowledge of the beauty & wellness industry. Phoebe is also a talented photographer, a skill which plays a pivotal role in L'ART's marketing and social media campaigns.

With her diverse skill set and boundless passion, Phoebe is a driving force behind L'ART's success, ensuring that every aspect of the business thrives under her guidance.


Donna Dipple

Donna Dipple, the linchpin of Dr M's practice, is nothing short of extraordinary.

For the past two years Donna has proven her indispensability in the seamless operation of the business. As Dr M's personal assistant, she plays a key role in orchestrating the intricate dance that is client care.

Donna's role extends far beyond her title, as she meticulously handles the scheduling of clients across both Dr M's and Amba Logan's diary as well as being by Dr M's side during clinical appointments to ensure that clients are nurtured through every stage of their journey with us.

Her dedication and unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of each patient make her a true asset to L'ART, with her role pivotal in ensuring that Dr M's practice provides not just medical excellence but an unrivalled client experience.


Amba Logan

Amba Logan, our esteemed resident facialist, is a true luminary in the beauty industry, bringing with her three decades of expertise to the forefront of L'ART's mission. Amba has a true passion for the art of skincare and a deep understanding of the transformative power of bespoke treatments.

Kuldeep and Amba's philosophy seamlessly align with one another, creating a harmonious synergy that elevates our continued commitment to an exceptional guest experience.

Amba's influence is an essential cornerstone in our pursuit of beauty, wellness, and the embodiment of the L'ART ethos.